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Improve Haval H2 to bi xenon projector

This is a case of our customer that drives with Haval H2 for 3 years. Lately, he wish to improve the OEM front lights along with bi xenon projector to connect with a broad light beam design on road. He was actually satisfied along with this automobile for its quality and functionality other than the dim initial fronts lights. He wishes to have a solid infiltration and lengthy lights distance without any scatted lighting. So he calls our company to aid him bring in a suitable solution for the headlight upgrade.

The high beam as well as reduced beam of the initial Haval halogen front lights may certainly not have impressive brightness for the night steering. As our company recognize, many stunning nearing problems were actually created by HID kit improving and also a poor beam. A projector is needed and also that is actually likewise his choice after interaction to our company.

Ultimately, the hid projector kit we retrofitted in the initial headlight casing. The hid projector retrofit set includes Aozoom bi xenon projector, Aozoom fast begin ballast as well as Aozoom D2H HID light bulb package.

The installment process is as listed below:
Our company have actually taken apart all the parts in the property: projector, disguise, lighting framework. And also at that point start to place the AOZOOM bi xenon projector, punching a gap in the cover-up to help make the projector fit in the authentic one.

Our experts secure the housing with glue to avoid leakage. And also then warm the glue at a continual temperature. So the headlight property may follow the bottom very closely, and also placed the screws simultaneously.

Besides traits are performed, our experts made a lightweight exam for the new bi xenon projector installment to adjust the appropriate beam pattern. The light releases from the front lights projector need to abide to Roadway Safety Basics to stay clear of dazzling oncoming visitor traffic incident take place.

Now, our experts can observe the brand-new upgrade for the H2 headlight as listed below:
It is apparent that the low beam of light possesses a wonderful cut-off product line along with the projector. The stimulating lighting fixtures with even illumination supplies a vast model tossing on the roadway with a far away. The higher beam of light along with high brightness is effortless to detect lightweight beam.


When the retrofit is finished, our customer was satisfied along with the brand new upgrade for his Haval H2. The lightings are actually a lot brighter and the visibility on the street is actually above the manufacturing facility halogen light bulb he certainly never has seen prior to. So he can easily drive the Haval properly in a broad visibility without stress.

Retrofit HID set with the projectors to center the lighting is necessary, considering that it is actually easy to impress nearing web traffic and also threaten. If you wish to retrofit projector or do not understand what projectors fits for your front lights or possess any kind of concern concerning HID as well as projectors, you may contact us to consult it. Our company do not hesitate to answer and solve all your complications.




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